See what our clients are saying about their time with us..

SRTS are both; first class trainers and believers in what they says and how it is done. There are many ‘trainers’ in the market who inspire and sell for an hour, a day or a week, but what I like about my experience with SRTS is the longevity of their approach: They knows what should be done, and then follow through over a period of months or in my case years, often in their own time and I assume because of their own interest and curiosity in the people they meet and business cultures they work in.

I would add that unlike many top-executives who rely on their ability to charm and entertain, but who struggle when it comes to defending their ideas, SRTS are able to defend and reinforce their way of doing this with a calmness, objectivity and professionalism which, in reality, very rare at the top.

My office probably billed an extra $1 million last year due to SRTS’s input, and I would not hesitate to recommend them to others.
— Robert Parkinson - Managing Director
Being successful in today’s fast moving business world requires you to be agile, to be a doer, to be a chameleon to adapt swiftly to any situation, to be a trend-setter, to be able to listen actively to your customers and candidates.

These are some of SRTS’s talents and, therefore, they will help you and your team to go the extra-mile further, the one which leads to top results, top return-on-investment and above all, to value your internal human capital assets to the maximum.

I have had the chance to work and interact with SRTS for years now and I can not only recommend them as excellent results-driven professionals but also as great human beings. Trust me; in this War for Talent, SRTS will constitute your best allied forces.
— Frédéric Senet - Managing Partner
I first encountered SRTS 3 years ago, and in those 3 years I have increased my growth year on year by 40+% every year. By looking through non emotional eyes they have an ability to really analyse a recruitment business from desk level through to my business plan. They have an uncommon ability to apply any problem I give him to his process and with a never ending chest of war stories they reassure me that I am not alone in a specific problem. It sounds a little strange, but having SRTS at my side and knowing that they will always take my call wherever in the world they are, I feel I have an ally who knows my world and can give sound advice that when applied works!!

Beyond the practical support, with SRTS advice and selling of their ideas to me I have increased my percentage fee this year and through their mantra of break traditional recruitment patterns school I have much more control of existing and new clients, leading to more placements from the same amount of input - as SRTS would say Result!!
— Nizar Lilani - CEO and Country Manager
SRTS are trainers of the highest calibre, without a doubt the most enthusiastic and knowledgeable recruitment professionals I have ever met. They have the ability to communicate effectively with brand new consultants as well as seasoned professionals. It is impossible not to learn and be inspired when SRTS are training. I personally added a minimum of 100K GBP a year to my billings from their training; my teams added a minimum of 300K on top of that. Not only are SRTS exceptional trainers they are also fantastic business partners with the unique ability to walk into a room, spend a morning watching the team and being able to spot the developmental areas required immediately, and be able to seamlessly adjust the training as well as offering valuable insight as to how I should best use my teams strengths. I would wholeheartedly recommend SRTS as an extremely sound investment, it’s like buying money.
— Max Price - Partner
The hands on training given by SRTS enabled us to launch our business fast and effectively. Their relentless and passion to the industry rubbed off on our entire team and the enthusiasm they created continues to this day. SRTS are rare warriors in the consulting world and they have the scars to prove that it is not all marketing and hype. Their ongoing mentoring and coaching to myself as an operator have meant that we have accelerated through our start-up phase and are now able to call ourselves a proper mid to senior recruitment company. Recruiters who receive the “SRTS Training” are far superior and always stand head and shoulders above the rest. If you are launching a Recruitment company, re positioning a recruitment company or just want to grow a recruitment company the best place to start is with a chat to SRTS who will be able to put you on the right path.
— Stuart Oakes - Operations Director
When it was decided to run a training session for new and experienced recruitment consultants for our multi-site, multi discipline business in the CIS, there was no other idea than to invite SRTS, in spite of the fact that there are quite many trainers in Russia and Europe. All the participants proved that it was the right decision, as none even expected such top-quality information and processes (that does actually work in real life in our culture; both social and economic) combined with a great charisma and the way of its delivery, that none else could even copy. Having the background of a successful recruitment consultant SRTS inspired the team and gave the hints that helped many of them to improve their approach and results. Their experience and industry knowledge helps them to see the business model and to give advice that helps to improve not only sales/recruitment skills, but business processes and approaches that lead to our success and additional profit.
— Artem Zurukin - General Manager
Following a hugely successful launch and subsequent growth over seven years within one of the worlds fastest growing and dynamic economies we thought we knew it all in terms of making money in recruitment. Then in mid 08 the world changed, our pipeline died over a ten day period and our methods of working and generating revenue came to a terrifying halt. This is when I was referred on to SRTS for the first time ~ in truth I thought that training was not the solution at the time as survival and cash flow were my main concerns but SRTS showed me that they are best known for business consultancy and training is a byproduct of their advice. They showed us how to turn our business around, new ways of winning business in a very tight market, of controlling that business and moving through survival mode back into growth in 2009. I cant thank them enough for their advice and guidance and recommend them without hesitation.
— Paul OConnor - Country Manager
As the owner of a new Recruitment business in Mumbai I had the advantage /privilege of attending training sessions conducted by SRTS. With them behind me it is if I have been open and delivering for years. I went from 0 to 60 placements in 11 months, on my own desk alone!! Learning how to launch through how to win and retain clients, through on time delivery in a hugely competitive market. If you are looking for relaxing, educational and world class recruitment training, you need not search high and far, speak to SRTS. SRTS has the style to captivate their audience in such a manner that you are left asking for more long after his sessions are over. My team came out with clear steps as to how they could put these new skills into practice. SRTS’s training is unique, you put your problems to them and they find you the practical solutions to progress. Fantastic!! Never before had a training programme ensured commitment and agreed outcomes! High energy, tireless, motivating and a pleasure to be with.

I would highly recommend SRTS as Trainers and beyond that, as a Business Consultants.
— Joseph Devasia - Director
SRTS are high impact players, making a real difference through their training and application. They thoroughly understand their subject matter and have that rare ability to interpret sometimes difficult subjects in a simple way allowing people of all abilities to comprehend their explanation. They have made a significant commercial contribution to my business by providing the tools for my employees to make money both for themselves and for my company. Few people have the skill to train people from 12 different nationalities in the same room at the same time. SRTS has the dexterity to achieve this and a rare talent to genuinely engage them all with their vigour and professionalism. Their consultancy reports have always been accurate which allows us to take meaningful actions based upon their advice. I would have no hesitation in recommending their training expertise to the recruitment sector whether they are business owners or individual consultants.
— Michael Saulet - Managing Director
I have worked along side SRTS for many years and I can say they are unique in the training and development world. They has not only launched new desks in many different fields which in its self a monutemtus task but have trained other to do so. Their knowledge of the process is unrivalled and the presentation of the material will suit both new and experienced. Consulting with SRTS will leave you challenging your process, system and approach to the markets and ultimately implementing their recommendations will simply increase results, relationships and revenue. Engaging SRTS as a business advisor should be in your business plan for 2009 under the title improve performance.
— Guy Lean - Director
Experience alone is not sufficient for success in the area that we operate in - you also need to have the ‘human’ competencies. Only then can you be assured that a consultant will have an impact on your business. SRTS fits this description fully! They are a competent, results oriented business consultancy and have a down to earth nature which, is needless to say rather rare for people of their background and experience. I would recommend SRTS without a single doubt.
— Mine Batiyel - General Manager
SRTS are great trainers! Having been in the field they relate to the audience and give hands on/practical advice. Starting off in Pakistan was difficult but a full two weeks with SRTS gave us the opportunity to look at business differently and challenge ourselves. They are one of those few trainers that don’t mind getting their hands dirty and lead from the front. Their global vision has given them another strong advantage in customising solutions, which greatly adds value to new businesses. Whenever we plan to expand operations, we see SRTS as a sounding board.
— Shoaib Siddiqi - Managing Director
If you are looking for an action-oriented, dynamic and motivating thought-leader, with cutting edge knowledge of the recruitment business, but are weary of taking risks with an unknown entity, unsure if the booking is worth your money and the time of your employees, then look no further, for in SRTS you have found the answer to your quest! With the experience of an old cat and an eagle eye as to where lie the areas of improvement, individually as well as at group level, SRTS will help the Consultants to help themselves by offering them efficient tools to organize their daily work, to clearly define their objectives, to continuously measure their progress, and, last but not least, enjoy working towards celebrating their successes. What is more, their enthusiasm, confidence and professionalism are unavoidably contagious. Having benefited from SRTS unique expertise over the years, both in Switzerland and abroad, I can only highly recommend them for any forward looking and commercial business.
— Sitta Foehr - Senior Consultant
Managing an International Office in Poland I found SRTS help in couching people very useful. Their uncommon enthusiasm and empathy make them perhaps the best trainers I have ever worked with. They understand culture differences in international business better than many executives. They make people not only to listen to them, but trust and follow instruction. They somehow give energy to consultants which feeds self belief and confidence.

I am looking forward to cooperating with SRTS again in the future.
— Artur Skiba - Managing Director
SRTS provided me with a learning stream that assisted me to start developing a skill that I thought was out of my reach. I was nervous about being taken out of my comfort zone but now enjoy the challenge of building on the new knowledge acquired. I do still get nervous, but instead of losing confidence, I now channel positive thoughts into the task ahead for a positive outcome. I have nothing but praise for SRTS training skills, the course content and the impressive standard of notes provided at the end of the training. The training was in my opinion excellent value for money.
— Mark R. Young - Managing Director
SRTS are extraordinary people who are able to push other people do the things and achieve the results that people can even imagine or believe. Their energy, professionalism and enthusiasm can encourage everyone to look on themselves and evaluate how they could become better at their work and achieve higher results. The sales training sessions are special ones they are a must for everyone who works in sales, especially in recruitment businesses.
— Janis Briedis - Managing Director
Why SRTS? Because they have done it, been there and have a whole wardrobe full of T-shirts! Without doubt, consultants learn the most from those who have been in the same situation, have faced the same client or candidate challenges and know the ups and downs of real life in Executive Search.

The war stories, the practical advice, the encouragement and the patience of helping consultants (and some times the business owners) overcome the same hurdles time and time again is what makes SRTS really stand out. Be prepared though, this is not a one off training session; this is being challenged and held accountable for improving the way you operate and think. I cannot recommend SRTS enough, a great investment of your money if you truly are prepared to improve and grow
— Maarten Jonckers - Managing Director
SRTS helped me to successfully launch my International Executive Search business based in Edinburgh in 2005 and coverage throughout Asia-Pac from the Philippines. They are professional trainers who are not only experts in the Recruitment Industry but more importantly deliver their knowledge and training in an interesting and informative format based on their personal experience. Without their help we would never have been able to hit the ground running and make placements quickly. SRTS are passionate about the training they deliver and this is clearly evident by their enthusiasm and genuine interest in the people they train. A good trainer has to be able to hold the interest of this audience but SRTS can only be classed as great trainers and mentors not only because they are charismatic, personable and likeable but because they truly believe in what they deliver.

I will be eternally grateful to them on a personal level as they managed to change me from a non sales techie into sales professional and to achieve my goal in running my own successful business.
— John Hebson - Director
SRTS are a real talent, people like them are rare, they know a great deal about different services, have worked in something like 38 countries which as you now is no mean feat, and people genuinely like them, find them interesting and want them to return again and again. They can make you money and are real workhorses, travel relentlessly, have high energy, do great follow up in person, on the phone and in writing. With their experiences in a franchise mentality they are great for consultancy and I recommend him without hesitation.
— Doug Bugie - CEO
I provide testimonials sparingly as I have very high expectations and these are rarely reached, however SRTS exceeded them. Because SRTS have a background as high billing recruitment consultants they immediately understood our business model. The time they invested prior to commencing the training was essential in its success. They are skilled in tailoring their presentation styles to an audience whose native language is not English. The decision to bring SRTS back to Russia time and time again was taken by the whole management team which would suggest that their courses delivered the results not just to me, but also were seen to bring longer-term benefits to the Directors and Team Leaders. In summary; it brought incremental revenue. Whether in a strong market SRTS tailored training helped bring in super profits, in the most recent downturn it was the difference between a consultant making a contribution or costing the business money.
— Tremayne Elson - Managing Director
SRTS are the most fascinating trainers I have ever met during my entire 17 years career in business since I was working for and within multinational companies. They are super-charismatic, charming, as well as very efficient in driving people to measurable success, by using an insight, very well targeted and very human kind of communication that is first of all adapted to each type of personality. Due to their great deal of talent and involvement my team and myself achieved many successful placements and conquered many human resources managers and candidates hearts. My poor English skills cannot actually express the gratitude for SRTS’s role in my success.
— Irina Vasili - Managing Director
SRTS are great and experienced trainers who have thought us the basics, the methodological thinking and the most useful tips & tricks of the recruitment industry and in this way helped to launch our office in Belgium in spring 2007. Never boring, always fresh alive and kicking. They are inspiring teachers that truly know how to motivate and drive people.
— Dries Sel - Managing Director
SRTS are in a category all on its own and this is what good trainers, teachers, gurus are all about.

They are something special to me and through high touch, have helped built a step-by-step career in the world of recruitment (holding impressive records) by using every working day to improve. They were inspirational; no wonder that they became a consultancy for consultants.

Their service is based on pure reality: experiences through their own careers and through the hundreds of recruitment careers they have facilitated. I am proud to be someone who started recruitment biz “immersed” by SRTS. I would use and suggest his service with no hesitation.
— Csaba Patkó - Country Manager
SRTS have been really helpful and motivational to my teams that have attended their training programs. The level of knowledge of our day to day business challenges, with the good and the bad, makes the training, situations and advice absolutely useful and applicable to all. It really is a fantastic experience that helps us to analyse situations and solve problems in a very intelligent way. SRTS have a special way to express the point being learnt which makes it fun, dynamic and really spot on, on what is needed to know. I would without doubt recommend their services.
— Leticia de la Herrán - Managing Director
SRTS were instrumental in helping me make a giant leap from where I was as recruitment consultant/business owner to a successful executive search consultant cross border Search Professional with a brand new business at a truly international level into and out of Africa. I spent time under SRTS’s tutelage in London learning the mechanics of mid to senior Search and Selection in the classroom and then had them for ongoing in office support time in Nigeria. Their attitude, passion for the industry and experience makes SRTS’s training a ‘real world’ experience that can be applied to get immediate results. I won awards for my business within my first year of launch for fastest growth and personal billings, this I achieved whilst standing on firm foundations set with the guidance of SRTS. I am looking forward to their return.
— Funmi Wale-Adegbite - Managing Partner
I received my first professional training in Executive Search Methodology from SRTS. They delivered this brilliantly and transmitted an enthusiasm about the profession that still kindles my working days today. Since then I have been through a number of training events and courses, however I still refer to this first training each and everyday. Their teachings and insights are still today the basis for our consultant trainings in Malta. Their approach and communication skills have imprinted a positive and productive process that helps us face the diverse challenges in the profession. If you need to revitalize your business, launch a recruitment firm, or consolidate an existing operation, I would have no doubt in recommending SRTS.
— Martin Farrugia - Director
In todays climate in particular, with each individual business having to control cost, but trying to retain quality also, it perhaps more important than ever, to choose the right training partner. SRTS has been developing bespoke solutions for me and my particular Nordic cultural challenges in Search for many years. Their professional development programs are delivered with clarity and convection by specialists who truly understand how to drive and develop skills quickly to attain the performance needed. I have the pleasure of working with them by default annually when I create my yearly business plan as their objective views on the market suggest revenue generation streams I would not dare explore on my own. Thank you SRTS. I highly recommend you to anyone who wishes to take their business to another level.
— Helle Hansen - Partner
All I can say about SRTS is that they are the right team for the job, they have so much passion and know what they are talking about. During the time I spent with them I can just thank them for answering all my questions and showing me the best way to do the job, always having a direct view of the market and its changes, always having the necessary solutions and ready for new challenges. I am happy to say that for me, they are not theorists; they get the job done.
— Jonathan I. Olivetta -Managing Director
I first met SRTS when they were relatively new to the business development role in 2000. I was impressed with their depth of knowledge and their ability to deliver training and advice with passion and clarity. I complemented their superiors at the time for having selected people with their talent and potential. SRTS have lived up to that potential over the years to the point I can recommend them without reservation to anyone wanting to improve the productivity of their organization.
— Jerry Hill - VP Operations and Training