When it was decided to run a training session for new and experienced recruitment consultants for our multi-site, multi discipline business in the CIS, there was no other idea than to invite SRTS, in spite of the fact that there are quite many trainers in Russia and Europe. All the participants proved that it was the right decision, as none even expected such top-quality information and processes (that does actually work in real life in our culture; both social and economic) combined with a great charisma and the way of its delivery, that none else could even copy. Having the background of a successful recruitment consultant SRTS inspired the team and gave the hints that helped many of them to improve their approach and results. Their experience and industry knowledge helps them to see the business model and to give advice that helps to improve not only sales/recruitment skills, but business processes and approaches that lead to our success and additional profit.
— Artem Zurukin - General Manager Search & Selection - CIS